About Us

A Juncture of symphonies of celebration and euphony of Euphoria. A Stately curise into clandestine sea of talent

ESICRUX is going to be a landmark event of ESIC MEDICAL COLLEGES that ESICians take pride in forwarding the sports, cultural events that sets the “rhythm “rolling and scientific events.

ESICRUX is the festival where drama meets diagnosis, music meets medicine, indulgence is the only cure. A three-day ravishing ride into a world of music and art, dance and drama, sports and scientific events. A perfect opportunity to add another feather to your cop.

We present to you a plethora of cultural, sports and scientific events to satiate your yearning for racing pulse, adrenaline rush and ecstasy. The events include singing, dancing, treasure hunt etc. A talent hunt for the best you got. And fashion show for the fashionistas in you.

So, put on your running shoes, grab your hats and bring along the best you have and rush to the stop entertainment junction

Let’s show everyone what ESICIAN have got. Flight for our Delight!